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What I Learned From Captain Ryan Williams in Episode 80

This “knowledge bomb” from Captain Ryan Williams is a good one.

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Why I Believe in Louisiana's Inshore Fishing Guides

Why I Believe in Louisiana’s Inshore Fishing Guides

Louisiana’s fishing guides are important in more ways than one.

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k-dub rig speckled trout redfish double rig popping cork louisiana marsh saltwater brackish spotted sea trout

Is leader length important for popping corks?

At some point, we’ve all had this on our mind, “Is my leader the right length?”

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E79 – Patrick Garmeson is an Alabama boy with a knack for inshore fishing!

Alabama cranks out some fine inshore anglers! One of them joins us in this episode of Inshore Interviews.

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Sammy Romano Inshore Podcast

E78 – Sammy Romano from Chag’s Sporting Goods

If you’ve shopped at Chag’s, you know Sammy. This is his story.

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