My $1,930 Mistake

It could've been much worse, and it could have been prevented. See what happened, and how to avoid repeating my mistake.

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You’ve Never Used a Matrix Shad for This

MacGyver doesn’t have sh*t on this inshore angler.

Motor Isn't Peeing

Try This If Your Motor Isn’t Peeing

Use this when your motor isn’t peeing. It’s small, it’s free & might save your fishing trip.

Skin Hook

This Easy Trick Makes Lures More Weedless

It’s simple, it’s easy. Your fishing trips will become better.

When You Should Get a Boat Slip

Why Spending $250 on a Boat Slip Saves You Thousands

Why have a boat slip? The answer is easy to understand when you see the cost savings.

Pocket Items

Pocket Items Every Angler Should Have

Old-timers from another era taught me a simple habit that helps me succeed.

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