E52 – Dustin Schouest is Terrebonne Raised and Proud

This Terrebonne native tells a great story. His inshore fishing journey is packed out with great stories of lost fish, frankenstein flies and lots of knowledge bombs.

Dustin Schouest is Terrebonne born, raised and proud! He grew up in Pointe aux Chenes, a famed redfish destination in Louisiana. Being a native, he was exposed to a lot of inshore fishing at a very early age.

Dustin is fortunate to have this background, which gives him a solid foundation in inshore fishing. He has spent years building on that foundation and has branched into other kinds of fishing, to include freshwater fishing and fly fishing.

Now, I am warning you, Dustin has one heck of a sense of humor and it really comes out in this podcast. He made me laugh more than a couple times! He will make you laugh as well when he tells his story, whether it’s about Fishing Smarter or his worse fishing trip.

Inshore Nation, Dustin drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this podcast. He has a great insight into different aspects of inshore fishing and offers help to anyone who is seeking it.


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About the Author Captain Devin

Devin is a Louisiana native who has enjoyed success as a fishing guide and tournament competitor. Today he promotes recreational fishing and conservation by teaching people how to fish.

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