Captain Vic Bergeron

E69 – Captain Vic Shares His Journey from Freshwater to Saltwater

He started out as a basser, but today he is an inshore fishing guide. Learn how Captain Vic fishes smarter!

Captain Vic Bergeron is a successful inshore fishing guide, but things were not always that way. He started out his fishing career as a basser qualifying in different events before he made the switch to saltwater fishing in, of all places, Toledo Bend.
It was at Toledo Bend he met the love of his life, and it was his love’s father who got him started in inshore fishing. Victor’s father-in-law would trawl for his own bait before going to catch speckled trout and reds.
In those days, they didn’t catch limits, but boxes of fish. Coolers came in a standard size of 48 quarts, and a fishing trip’s success was measured by how many of those coolers were filled up. Some trips were two box trips, others were 4 box trips, or more. The go to lure? Shad rigs and sparkled beetles. All day long!

This experience, combined with his bassin’ knowledge, set Captain Vic up for success in the inshore fishing world. Today he is a guide with Souther Exposure Charters out of Buras.

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About the Author Captain Devin

Devin is a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, entrepreneur and a hardcore inshore angler who enjoys chasing limits of specks and sight fishing redfish.

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