Catch Speckled Trout and Redfish All The Time

Inside Inshore Fishing 101 I teach you everything you need to catch fish on every single fishing trip.



Captain Devin, first and foremost THANK YOU for this course! I completed it in two days, so that should tell you how excited I am.

Thanks to these lessons, your sharing of information and my new confidence I am looking forward to grilled reds!

Money well spent!

 Craig G. 

 IF101 Graduate 

Fish Smarter in Thirty Days

Inshore Fishing 101 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied, I will immediately refund your hard-earned dollars, no questions asked.

-Captain Devin


What's inside Inshore Fishing 101?

There are twenty sections, divided into eighty-eight lectures.

Take a look at the curriculum below.


Note: this is only the curriculum. To preview parts of the course, click here.

Part 1


Getting Started

Part 2

Two Fish That Give You Everything You Need

Speckled Trout


Part 3

Gear You Need to Succeed

Boat Gear

Fishing Tackle That Works

Part 4

Live Bait

Part 5

Understanding How and Why Water Moves

Part 6

Where are the speckled trout and redfish?

Using Google Earth to Discover Kickass Fishing Spots

How to Use Google Earth to Create Custom Routes

The Ultimate Navigational Tool

Part 6

Do These Things at Each Fishing Spot

What to do if You Don't Catch Fish

The Ultimate Key to Angling Success

Part 7

Congrats! You're done.

Additional Support

Inshore Fishing 101 is $119

30-day Money Back Guarantee


Course Features

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    Compatible with desktops, tablets or smart phones
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    No time limit, course is self paced
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    Lifetime subscription, access to upgraded content is free
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    Instructor Support included! 

Exceeded Expectations

I was hesitant in purchasing Inshore Fishing 101, but I did and was surprisingly delighted with all the great information that was given.

Darren C.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot!

I loved the decision making process about how to find fish and catch them when I got there. I've been fishing my whole life but never took a pragmatic approach to finding the fish until seeing it all put together like Captain Devin did.

Inshore Fishing 101 helped me take all of the pieces I had learned over the years of being in the marsh and put them together to catch fish reliably.

Brian R.

I've learned a lot

It is great. No advertisements or distractions. Clean webpage for learning and very easy to navigate.

Marc L.

Inshore Fishing 101 is $119

30-day Money Back Guarantee


With Inshore Fishing 101:

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    You'll catch more using the most effective tackle
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    Find the honey-holes for specks and reds
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    Safely navigate the marsh, even in new waters
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    How to make the most of tough conditions
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    Know where to start fishing because you understand how the tide and wind affect the marsh
  • thumbs-o-up
    Receive the help of an experienced angler when something doesn't make sense
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    Impress your friends and family with the catches you bring to the dock 

Without Inshore Fishing 101:

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    Risk getting your boat stuck
  • thumbs-o-down
    You won't know where to find biting fish
  • thumbs-o-down
    When you don't catch, you will return empty-handed
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    You will spend more money playing catch-up instead of investing in your inshore knowledge

P.S. As the course becomes popular and content is added the cost will go up.

Enroll right now and you won't have to pay the extra cost in the future. 

Yes, I want to Enroll in Inshore Fishing 101

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