Inshore Fishing 101

Inshore Fishing 101 is a course that I devised based upon years of experience as an avid inshore angler, tournament angler and fishing guide. It's designed to teach anyone a solid foundation in inshore fishing. With this foundation, anyone can consistently catch fish!I guarantee you will love this course!

Are you tired of not catching fish?

  • Too many people launch their boat each weekend only to come back empty handed.
  • If they did catch fish, they were all throwbacks!
  • Despite having the boat and all of the equipment, they lack the knowledge required to put those things to use.

Hi, I'm Captain Devin. I am an avid inshore angler, licensed boat captain, and former fishing guide. I love teaching people how to fish!

Let me tell you my story.

It all began in Slidell, a growing town on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. As a child my father would take me fishing anywhere from Lake Borgne, to the Biloxi Marsh, Hopedale and even Grand Isle. I learned a lot as a youngster! I learned not just tackle and techniques, but important life lessons that inshore fishing teaches.

Those fishing trips in my formative years planted a tiny seed in my heart. This seed would ultimately grow into a limitless passion for inshore fishing.

Out of high school I joined the Marine Corps, spending the first ten years of my adult life deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. However, Louisiana and her awesome inshore fishing was always in the back of my mind. I'd take tackle overseas with me to tie together so I wouldn't have to when I was home. Years later, I still have some of that tackle!

Then, one day I came home from Iraq. I spent months adjusting to "normal" life.

I quickly found there were a lot of things about "normal" life I didn't enjoy. I didn't enjoy drinking a lot. I didn't enjoy going to the movies. Those things just had no challenge to them. There was no sensory overload. They didn't stimulate me and they weren't relaxing when I wanted them to be. I was bored to tears.

That's when I pulled the old flatboat out of the garage and got her running again.

She wasn't pretty. She wasn't fast. But she was reliable and would get me out on the water. By the end of the day I had her running and ready to rock and roll! In the morning I would launch and go look for biting fish.

That was the first time I had launched on my own without the help of anyone else.

I was confident, but I would quickly realize how much I had to learn. My saving grace is that I was relentless and I never let failure keep me down. I was thirsty for knowledge and lived to catch my next fish!

I spent a lot of time going fishing

Inshore fishing gave me all that I was looking for. It challenged me. I experienced victory and elation. Sometimes failure and frustration. Often I simply enjoyed the calm and serenity of hundreds of square miles of marsh all to myself.

It didn't matter what kind of week I was having. As soon as I'd begin my journey into the marsh everything would melt off my shoulders. I discovered inshore fishing was something I could do for the rest of my life.

But the fishing trips were more than just getting away and relaxing. Quite frankly, I would spend a good deal of time stressing over what the fish were doing. I had to learn why they did the things that they did! I had to learn how to catch them better. I learned that I really wasn't in pursuit of the fish, I was in pursuit of mastering how to catch them. Having that skill and knowledge brought me a fulfillment that few other things did.

And that was when I started Fishing Smarter

As I spent day after day fishing I learned several things that, once I put them together, led me to the concept of "fishing smarter". These include:

  • Not fishing spots, but fishing conditions. 
    I learned that fish bite because of the conditions, not just because a spot is a "honey hole". Today, I have a complete understanding of those conditions.
  • Using tackle that works.
    There is a lot of tackle out there that is better at "catching a fisherman" than catching a fish. I learned what works and what is garbage. Today, I save my hard earned dollars and put them towards what fishing is all about: time on the water.
  • And more...
    There is a lot more I learned: how to safely navigate the marsh, what good water looks like, where the fish are most likely to be biting, etc.

I eventually became really good at fishing...

Confident with my fishing expertise, I obtained my captain's license, purchased a bay boat and started taking clients on fishing trips. I helped people create memories that would last a life time! 

My fishing charter became the #1 rated fishing charter on Trip Advisor in St. Bernard Parish. I enjoyed the challenge of putting people on fish and that challenge ultimately made me a better angler.

Limit of Trout and some Redfish

...and then I learned I loved to teach others to Fish Smarter

I found that I loved to teach people new techniques that would help them catch fish. I was always thrilled to explain my theories and why fish did the things they did. Sometimes I could even go a little overboard. :)

I eventually stopped guiding to pursue teaching others full-time. I discovered that people didn't really have a place they could learn to fish. There were plenty of businesses ready to sell them boats, guided fishing trips or even the latest tackle, but no one could provide a source of knowledge.

After all, it was not any single purchase that enabled success in my inshore fishing journey. It was the discovery and use of inshore fishing knowledge

I tried thinking of different ways I could help people learn what I learned in a short amount of time minus the pain and heartache. I thought I could write a book or hold fishing seminars. I thought of a lot of different ideas, but none of them really seemed to work best for the people I wanted to serve.

Then one day it hit me...


Inshore Fishing 101 is the perfect solution. Let me tell you why.

Inshore Fishing 101 teaches a solid foundation in inshore fishing. Everything you need to know to successfully, and safely, fish the marshes of Louisiana is in this course!

  1. Online availability: You can access Inshore Fishing 101 anytime, anywhere on any device. The content is self-paced and there are no time limits.
  2.  Instructor Support: Each section of Inshore Fishing 101 has a comment feature that lets you ask me anything. If you have a question, I can answer it.
  3.  Lifetime Subscription: When you purchase Inshore Fishing 101 you have lifetime access. You get updated content and new content at no additional charge.
Louisiana Fishing Charter Customer

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Inshore Fishing 101 Really Works

“I have enjoyed your website for a while. You have incredibly good information and it has helped me a lot. I primarily kayak fish here in Mobile Alabama but will be in the Louisiana Marsh Saturday. I can't wait to get back over there."

Greg Breedlove
- Student of Inshore Fishing 101

Our students are from all over

"I've been looking forward to this 101 course although I've read nearly every article you've posted, I'm convinced I can learn more from you.

Although I live in northeast Florida we have the same goal in mind: Redfish and speckled trout inshore near marsh grass and oysters. You help me feel the pulse of the marsh. I've been primarily a live bait fisherman with success. Now I want to be successful with artificial lures."

Jacob Poulsen
- Student of Inshore Fishing 101

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Another happy Inshore Fishing 101 Customer

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take this course!

I have paid many charter captains for trips and end up asking a hundred questions. Regardless, I have been wishing for someone to put together a "101" fishing class. I have years of my own experience, but learning from a professional will hopefully give me improved results for years to come! 

Thank you for actually putting this together. Looking forward to getting as much as I can out of it and sharing my opinions on the course with others."

Anne Baker
- Student of Inshore Fishing 101

Enrollment is Open Today!

Enrollment is not always open for Inshore Fishing 101, but it is open today. When you purchase the course, you have access regardless if enrollment is open or not.

30-day Money Back Guarantee


captain devin swamp stallion
Devin Denman
Creator of Inshore Fishing 101

Who is Captain Devin?

Captain Devin is a Louisiana native, combat veteran, former fishing guide and inshore fishing addict.

He resides in Slidell, Louisiana where he operates his business, Louisiana Fishing Blog. He spends his free time tagging speckled trout and redfish for scientific research.

Not quite ready for Inshore Fishing 101?

Chances are you value your hard-earned dollars and feel that an online course doesn't have what you are looking for.

I'll explain why Inshore Fishing 101 is worth your dollar and how it will save more of your dollars.

You won't have to learn the hard way.

I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. If I knew then what I know now I would have saved myself thousands of dollars in fishing tackle, equipment and, of course, time. 

Fishing time is precious. You want to spend your fishing trips catching fish, don't you?

Inshore Fishing 101 enables you to Fish Smarter

These are some things to consider if you are on the fence.

With Inshore Fishing 101 you learn:

  • Which tackle works and what doesn't.
  • How to find quality fishing spots and what conditions to fish them.
  • How to safely navigate the marsh and avoid running aground.
  • What to do when you don't catch fish and how to make the most of the day.
  • And a lot more that will enable you to safely and effectively conduct your fishing trips.

Without Inshore Fishing 101:

  • You risk getting your boat stuck.
  • You won't know how to effectively fish the entire water column.
  • You won't have instructor support from someone who has done it before.
  • When you don't catch fish, you will return home empty handed.
  • You will spend more money playing catch-up instead of investing in your inshore fishing knowledge.

Inshore Fishing 101 is a Complete Classroom

  • Instructor Support is included. You have a question, you get an answer.
  • You can take this course on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Any device works.
  • You receive a lifetime subscription. Future and updated content is available to you at no additional cost. You keep on learning!
  • Frustration will be replaced with happiness on your fishing trips. 
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee. You can't lose!
  • You will become a better angler in a shorter amount of time than if you had not enrolled in Inshore Fishing 101. Your confidence will soar!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel Inshore Fishing 101 is worth your time and money, just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inshore Fishing 101 for Louisiana only?

What if something in the course doesn't make sense?

What else is there once I complete Inshore Fishing 101?

What if I am already proficient in inshore fishing?

What if I don't own a boat?

What does it cost and will that cost remain the same?

P.S. As the course becomes popular and its value goes up the cost of the course will also go up. The time to get in and have lifetime access, at no additional cost, is right now. 

Anglers spend thousands of dollars on equipment and tackle that don't help them catch fish. Inshore Fishing 101 WILL help you catch fish. Where else can you get the support of a charter captain for a fraction of the cost of an actual fishing charter?

Yes, I want to Enroll in Inshore Fishing 101