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bassmater elite knowledge bombs

PART 2: Maryland’s Bass Tournament Knowledge Bombs (for inshore anglers)

In Part One I detailed how our waters are similar. In this sequel I reveal what to look for so we have new things to apply in our own inshore waters.

Can we learn from Pro Bassers?


Even on totally land-locked, freshwater lakes I’ve discovered knowledge and acquired skills that have boosted my inshore success.

Not Just Bass

Let me clear the air!

I feel that pursuing any species allows one to pull something from that experience to apply to inshore fishing.

Whether it’s offshore fishing, commercial fishing, or perch-jerking, there’s always something to be learned.

Bass are an easy comparison because they swim next to specks & reds and are caught, around the world, with identical tackle.

Anyways, keep reading, and I’ll tell you what to look for beginning tomorrow!

What To Look For on Bassmaster Live

There are several things I’d keep my eyes peeled for:

Use of Electronics

Electronics are big, and Louisiana’s inshore anglers are not masters of them.

Too often I see bay boat consoles with flush-mounted HDS units, with no ethernet networking and only an 83/200kHz transducer on the transom.

This is the equivalent of installing plastic hubcaps on a brand new Ferrari. 

So, with that said, I feel this is a great opportunity for us to learn a thing or two.

These pro anglers make a habit of talking about the how and why while they’re fishing, and may include a thing or two about how they found their fish using sonar technology.

Or, steal a look when the camera eventually pans over: their screen selection and settings ought to be a clue.

Look At Their Tackle

The obvious thing we’d all go for are the lures they’re throwing. Ha ha!

But more importantly, I’d look at how they are presenting them.

With the current? Against the current?

Are they throwing jigs? Spinnerbaits?

Carolina Rig? Dropshot?

My point is this:

Don’t get fixated on the lure.

Note the lure, why it’s been selected and how they’re using it.

If fishing were as easy as tying on a lure we’d all be cashing $100k checks and I’d be out of a job.

Location, location, location!

It’s the #1 thing everyone wants to know, and when these guys are fishing on Bassmaster Live, their exact location is literally broadcast on television.

This isn’t an opportunity to go potlickin’ (and why would you?), rather it’s an opportunity to see the kind of fishing spot they picked.

Are they in open water? A small creek? Sea wall? Bridge pilings?

Does bait flow through there? Or is it where fish go during low tide?

Pay attention to the spot they selected and especially if they describe why they selected it.

That in and of itself is a huge knowledge bomb!

Boat Positioning

Identifying where they put their boat and where they are casting to is another knowledge bomb waiting to go off.

Because their location may be revealed, you can look it up on Google Earth to see how they are positioned in relation to the current and wind.

In my experience teaching inshore anglers how to catch more fish, I’ve learned that boat positioning is the #1 thing that goes overlooked.

I cannot overstate it enough, boat positioning is everything!

They have spot-lock trolling motors and dual shallow-anchors for this practical reason!


You shouldn’t expect to experience Earth-shattering revelations within the first five minutes of watching this event.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you watched all of Day One and didn’t pick up anything at all.

But I promise you this, if you see something that makes you go “Aha!” you would have saved yourself months, maybe years, of time-on-water to learn that thing.

Remember, it’s not the things you already know you want to learn.

Maybe it is the things you know you don’t know.

But it’s definitely the things you do not know that you don’t know you want to sock away into your arsenal of inshore fishing knowledge.

Tight lines, y’all!

Watch tomorrow!

This Bassmaster Elite event will be broadcast via Bassmaster Live, available for viewing on their website.

Click here to see the schedule and add reminders to your calendar.


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