April 25

E16 – Captain Rob Dupont

Captain Rob Dupont is a lifelong angler who quit his job and became a charter captain. Listen in to Fish Smarter!

Captain Rob Dupont hails from a family whose roots are deep inside Louisiana. He grew up fishing farm ponds for largemouth bass and other species before his side of the family became owners of a fishing camp down in Dularge. Located at the southern reach of Terrebonne Parish, Dularge provides top notch fishing for speckled trout and redfish.

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Captain Rob Dupont spent his childhood getting to know this area and continued on into adulthood doing the same. One day, he realized his true passion was putting people on fish and educating them. That's when he became a charter captain and started guiding people into the marsh.

Since then he has been on a multitude of fishing trips and has the pictures to prove it! Just check out his website Impulse Fishing Charters and Facebook page.

Going on so many fishing trips Captain Rob has some stories to tell. Everyone has a "worst fishing trip" story and he goes on to tell his. You will hear us chuckle about it, but understand we have been in that kind of situation and can definitely relate!

Some of the best fishing advice he ever received is really some of the most elementary advice ever given. It seems obvious, but once you think about it you may try it on your next trip, regardless of the water temperature or time of year.

Charter captains are a dime-a-dozen in Louisiana. This comes as no surprise given how vast our fishery is! But Captain Rob Dupont does go into detail about why his charter is successful and how he continues to find success. I can give you a hint: it's not about the fish or the boat ride. It's all about you.

You can reach Captain Rob at (225) 776-9820 or on his Facebook page, Impulse Fishing Charters.


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