The conditions seemed perfect for a good bite of speckled trout or redfish, so I launched the boat when most people are already in bed.


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What Happened

This was filmed in late August, and even though the water temperature was still in the mid-80s, white shrimp were on the run and the tide was falling out of the marsh.

It just made sense to launch the boat, since this fishing location is so close to where I live in Slidell, Louisiana.

Even if I catch just a few fish it'd be worth it, right?

And that's exactly what happened, as I certainly did not crush the speckled trout, not keepers anyway.

For that time of year, the specks are still on the outside obeying the summer pattern and are not yet transitioning inside.

But a pattern was established and, as you'll see in a subsequent video, I did return to similar locations in September to catch a limit of speckled trout! 

Just in that amount of time they became much larger, and I was happy.

So, even if you don't catch a lot you should always be happy with establishing a pattern and "figuring out" the fish.

One of the best baits to use when fishing the dock lights are small-profile baits like Matrix Minis. Find the link below for more information on it.

Exact Fishing Location

The secret to successful fishing is not specific fishing spots but rather selecting where to fish based upon the conditions.

This is an in-depth topic that can't be covered in a few paragraphs of text and that's the reason why I have two videos accompanying the YouTube video you watched above.

They are the Planning Video and Post Trip Review. They can be accessed via the button below, but are only accessible to members of LAFB Elite, since it is that membership that makes all of this possible in the first place.

NOTE: The FTR linked below is not the same night, but it is the same conditions, time of year and locations.

The planning video details where I decided to fish based upon the conditions, and the Post Trip Review displays my boat's GPS tracks, revealing routes and exact fishing locations.

These tracks are made available to members of LAFB Elite for uploading to their own GPS.

We also look at the conditions that actually happened versus what was predicted. 

This is a great learning tool and the fastest way you can learn to catch great boxes of fish 100% on your own.

Links Mentioned During The Video

I mentioned a few resources during this fishing trip and they are linked up below for your convenience.

Discover LAFB Elite

A special membership revealing the expert knowledge used to catch limits of speckled trout and redfish year round.

What you'll find here on the Blog is pretty good, but it can't hold a candle to what's inside LAFB Elite:

  • All Courses
  • Fishing Spots
  • Buying Guides
  • Discounts on Tackle
  • Private FB Group
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  • And more!

Already a member? View your exclusive content for this fishing trip review at this link.

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Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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