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What Caused This Massive Fish Kill?

What Caused This Massive Fish Kill?

Speckled trout and redfish were found dead on the bank. What killed them?

Redfish Cold Weather

How Cold, Crappy Weather Makes Redfish Easier to Find

Understanding how redfish react to these "bad conditions" will place your boat where it needs to be to put limits in the box.

Redfish Jubilee

What is the Redfish Jubilee?

What is the Redfish Jubilee? When does it happen? What’s the best tackle to use?

Where I Begin Fishing When the Water Temp Drops Hard

Fish These Spots When Water Temps Drop Hard

We can’t always choose the days we go fishing. When the water temperature drops hard, this is how you can adapt to bring back a box of fish.


This Small Wintertime Measure Could Save Your Ass

It’s a worst-case scenario anglers never think of, and can easily kill them if they’re not prepared.

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