January 18, 2018

Ceramic Pro Coating: My First Impressions

I just got my boat coated in this high-tech protectant. Here are my first impressions.

Earlier this month I bought a brand new bass boat and had it coated by Dipnotiq Detail & Surface Concepts in New Orleans.

It was last year I became acquainted with Ceramic Pro and Dipnotiq, interviewing the business owner in a bonus episode of Inshore Interviews, shedding light exactly what a ceramic coat is and how it's different from a standard wax job.

Then I got to see it in action at the Sportsman's Show in Gonzales, and wrote about the benefits of this coating, as well as what it is exactly.

You can read that article here.

Anyways, making the decision to get their Gold Package was an easy one, especially seeing that it came with a three-year warranty.

Why the Ceramic Pro?

I did this because I hate cleaning. Cleaning is time spent not fishing (or not teaching it) and that is not my favorite time category.

Anyways, the time eventually came to pick up the boat (it took about a week to get the coating done) and I was impressed.

Only then did I notice the black paint on the boat had a fleck and glitter in it. There was color and depth that I didn't even see on the showroom model at the dealer!

So, here are some unfiltered and unedited pictures for you, but they don't do the Ceramic Pro justice!

Click the thumbnails below to see the pictures in full resolution.

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It's not over yet

This is just my initial impression of the coating.

After all, it's easy to say, "Hey! This is a brand new boat that has just been detailed, look how pretty it is!"


But how will the boat look after abuse? After being coated in marsh mud?

Trout guts? Dried redfish blood and ladyfish poop?

There is only one way to know, and that's to run the crap out of her in the marsh and fish my ass off.

So stay tuned, this review isn't over yet. Or comment below to see how it's going.

EDIT: The review is done! After four months of fishing saltwater, brackish and freshwater across the South, I've come to a solid conclusion.

Read the review here.

Captain Devin

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