April 24

Chas Champagne Talks Deep Water Jigging In Episode 63

Chas Champagne, the creator of the Matrix Shad, comes onto Inshore Interviews to drop some serious knowledge bombs that will help you catch speckled trout.

I love fishing smarter and everything Chas Champagne does is fishing smarter to the core! I have been nagging him to come onto the podcast for a loooong time now and I finally got him aboard.

Chas has humble beginnings in not Slidell, but Pearl River, Louisiana. He really got into fishing by tossing a line into local ponds at a young age, so young that he really doesn't remember the first fish he caught. As Chas Champagne got older he started hanging out at Busy B's on Pontchartrain Drive in Slidell and tried to go fishing as often as possible.

One day, Terry Googins (arguably one of the best artificial lure anglers in Lake Pontchartrain) took Chas under his wing and taught him everything he knew.

Today, Chas uses that knowledge, combined with a ton of experience, to consistently catch fish, even when no one else is.

Chas argues that deep water jigging (deep for inshore applications, 12-25 ft) is a high-level skill set that, once learned, can be applied anywhere in the country to catch a variety of species.

I agree! The depth of the water is irrelevant, what is important are the concepts learned that catch the fish.

Chas also says he loves to look for loons when fishing. Those loons he looks for are eating the same baitfish that speckled trout like to feed on.

Of course, there are a ton more "knowledge bombs" in this podcast. It's a great listen and highly recommended if you want to learn from a Lake Pontchartrain expert like Chas Champagne!

In the podcast we mentioned a picture of the fish Chas recaptured (my tagged fish), it turns out that he doesn't have it. I also mentioned a picture of how I hold a baitcaster (the same way Chas Champagne does). I have since written an article about it, and that is linked in the resources section below.


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Grip for Jigging with Baitcaster

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