April 7

What Clean Water in Breton Sound Looks Like

Use this as a reference when searching for that good water trout love.

We have all experienced "clean water" in the marshes to one degree or another.

In Louisiana the inshore water just does not get that clean, largely due to the Mississippi River.

She is called "Big Muddy" for a reason. She takes otherwise clean, salty water and makes it dirtier and fresher.

So it is difficult to find clean water like what you see in Florida.

But it does exist.

The cleanest water I have seen in my life was within a few hundred yards of the Mississippi River. It was perfectly clear tap water.

Louisiana does have clear water. She has a lot of it.

The key is knowing how to find it. I teach this in Sight Fishing Mastery School.

On one particular fishing trip we were not that far into Breton Sound when I noticed I could see fish more than a few feet below the surface in gin-clear water. So, I stopped the boat, jumped out and swam around.

I just had to!

It was pretty cool to sit on the bottom and look up at my boat. I didn't want to waste too much time with it, as I had fish to find.

I took this quick video so I could share it with you.

That ultra-clean water does not guarantee that speckled trout will be biting there.

In fact, my experience has been that small sharks infest these waters during the summer months.

It can be hard reeling in trout while sharks are constantly eating them off the hook!

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Shark Attacks Speckled Trout

While fishing topwater at Breton Island a large shark bit this speckled trout right down the middle. Shark attacks on trout in very clean, salty water is common.


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