Fishing Trips

First Spot – Crash Intersection

Lesson 2

First spot of the day!

Here I go over the conditions, why I like overcast weather and explain what happened with all those spots uploaded from Google Earth the night before.

Yeah, there are some punches to roll with, but such is the nature of inshore fishing. 

Also, see why it is I stick it out with this “meh” speckled and white trout bite.

  • Joe says:

    Yep The Hook series of Lowrance products should be taken off the market. Got a 7″ and done sent it back 3…. Times. Single processor so it’s like Slow as Molasses in January looking at the Hummingbird Helix system

  • Joe says:

    Which Chip should you get for the Helix system fishing around Hopedale and Shell Beach area and the likes of Like Cahtherin and Pontchartrain?

  • Devin says:

    I feel Lowrance and Standard Mapping makes a better product, but if you’re stuck with a Humminbird then look at the Louisiana Delta card. Thank you!

  • keithbru says:

    Little hard to tell in the video, but were you casting under the birds? You mentioned too you were casting and retrieving against the current instead of with it, but didn’t seem to matter so much – is that because the water wasn’t moving very fast there?

  • Devin says:

    Yes, sometimes I did cast where birds were diving.

    It’s totally okay to cast and retrieve against the current so long as you are aware and do what you must to get to the bottom (i.e. letting out slack line).

    If it were moving so fast that that technique wouldn’t work, I’d be forced to re-position the boat and cast parallel to the current or upstream.

  • DavidMonson says:

    Hey Capt. D.
    You mentioned that you had a Helix 10 coming to replace your Lorwrance. What map program are you going to use with your Huminbird? That one you all like ( I think it’s called Standard Mapping) is not supported by Huminbird.

  • Devin says:

    More than happy to answer your questions.

    First, to be clear, nothing is replacing the Lowrance except for another Lowrance.

    I use Humminbird because I like their layout, waypoint management, Minn Kota compatibility, Lakemaster contour cards and especially 1.2MHz imaging.

    Most of these features are only used for bass fishing, which I do a lot of to hone my inshore game.

    Secondly, the Helix 10 MEGA is replacing the Helix 7, which only utilizes 520 kHz imaging, which isn’t that great.

    Thirdly, I am using Humminbird’s Louisiana Delta card in the Humminbird, for ease-of-use, but also to compare it against Standard Map’s product.

    I haven’t written a review yet, but so far it’s safe to say that the Louisiana Delta card will get you by, but without a doubt Standard Map’s card is superior.

    It’s more up-to-date and the definition is far clearer.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • Pen