Fishing Trips

First Spot

Lesson 3

  • SpecknRed19 says:

    Devin when are you goin to have those shirts available ? One you have on in this video.

  • Devin Denman says:

    Hey Barry, we are building a new website for LAFB Elite that will have merch available.

    It’s a big project and it will be awhile before it’s complete, but I plan on expanding into apparel for you guys.


  • keithbru says:

    Not seen a landing net on deck in your vids yet heh. I assume for the reds. I always carry a short handle one on my kayak, much easier to land them given the limited space we have to boat flip.

  • Devin Denman says:

    There’s a couple red and trout FTR’s coming out where I have it out!

  • Pen