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10/17/18 Biloxi Marsh Speckled Trout

18 Lessons Easy

About this course

It was an iffy call with a 1ft tide and stiff east winds, but using what's inside this membership put an easy limit of speckled trout in the boat. See how!

Begin Course

Course Structure


Let's go over the current and predicted conditions to figure out where we need to cast a line to catch a limit of speckled trout.

First Spot - Crash Intersection

First spot of the day! The skunk gets out of the boat, conditions are reviewed and a game plan is laid out.

Stump Lagoon

An oldie and a favorite, this shoreline in Stump Lagoon gets some attention before moving on. It's a little early for it, but still worth trying.

Little Muscle

Over the years I've caught a lot of fish here, mostly speckled trout, but also white trout and sheepshead. It deserves a look over, so I bang it out.

Muscle Bay

An oldie, but a goodie, I knock out an oyster reef located in this body of water to see if speckled trout are home. 

Deep Canal

Before getting on plane, I decided to give this canal a whack due to what sonar was showing.

The Junction

This deep water spot has always been promising, and fulfilled those promises, over the years. It's a tad early, but still worth a shot in case white shrimp are funneling through.

Devin's Junction - Part 1

My father took me and my brother fishing a lot when I was a kid, and this was one of my favorite spots, so he called it "Devin's Junction". It's been good to me over the years, and matches the criteria for prevailing conditions.

Devin's Junction - Part 2

I have a lot of faith in this spot, and feel grinding it out until the water drops harder is my best bet.

Devin's Junction - Part 3

Even though white trout are biting, I feel that waiting out the tide a good bet. That is, until I think of a better idea.

Honey Hole 2

Hindsight is 20/20, and I should not have come to this spot, but sometimes it's hard to let old experience go, if that makes sense.

Jigging a New Bayou

Seeing a combination of birds, bait and moving water made me feel super confident about approaching this spot.

Fishing Diving Birds

My first cast into diving birds is a...wait for it...trash fish! But this doesn't discourage further effort, and I begin working the birds to find the right angle and right tackle to catch speckled trout.

Trout Catching Continues - Part 1

The juice is dialed in and the Double Rig is really puttin' a hurtin' on the speckled trout.

Trout Catching Continues - Part 2

Trout are in a feeding frenzy! This is the bite we all dream about when we go fishing. See how the fish are managed. 

What to do now?

After trout 25 is landed, the question arises, "What to do now?"

Are trout biting elsewhere?

I HAD to return to this spot to see if they'd bite, as predicted. Turns out the prediction was accurate.

Post Trip Review

Let's take the day's tracks off the GPS, upload them to Google Earth and see everywhere I went, what happened and where fish were caught (and not).

  • Devin Denman says:

    Very good! You’re gonna find how much more rewarding it is. Comment when it suits you.

  • Tommy says:

    Just getting into speck fishing with artificial so this will be informative

  • rodnreelgirl says:

    This is really cool

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