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4/10/19 Lake Pontchartrain Speckled Trout

21 Lessons

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The wind lays down and there's a good report for speckled trout in Lake Pontchartrain. But there's been record river water pouring from the nearby Bonnet Carre Spillway. Where can I find a good speckled trout bite and how can they best be caught?

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It's obvious that I should begin fishing the Trestles, but what information can be used to eliminate unproductive water and locate the potentially best fishing spots?

Getting Started On The Trestles

The boat is launched, here's what I see and what I'm going to do.

North Side of Trestles

I start off fishing the north side of the Trestles, since MODIS indicated clean water there (and that is where it historically flows). 

Move to Southshore + A Little Graphing

It's obvious the north end of the Tracks isn't it, but there's still a lot of water to cover. This is how I zero in on the most productive water with a little help from old fashioned experience and cutting edge technology.

Jigging West Side of Tracks

Even though the tide is falling, it's still a good idea to give the west side of the Trestles a shot, so I begin casting a jig there.

Switch to East Side + First Trout

Holding to true form, trout are found on the down current side of the bridge pilings. It feels good to get the skunk out of the boat!

Jigging More Trout

This is not an easy "popping cork bite". A little patience and fishing skill yields more speckled trout (and they're nice).

Color Change + More Trout

Light conditions have changed and water clarity is more obvious. This is the color change I make to adapt and the trout respond accordingly.

Adjusting to a Slowing Bite + Tips on GPS Usage

The bite is slowing down, so adaptations in strategy are made to maximize catching. Plus, I share how I use my networked electronics to create more productive casting.

Switch to 12lb Fluoro + Anticipating Rising Tide

Lighter line yields more bites at the cost of more line breaks, but after losing a second fish I upgrade to 12lb fluorocarbon. At the same time, the bite is slowing down and I'm already thinking of what I am going to do once it turns around.

Tide Slacks + Afternoon Game Plan

Watching the surface (and items floating along) reveals that the tide is nearly slacked out, making for an even tougher bite. Rather than slug it out, I head home to grab lunch (and make a tackle pit stop). Before I do, I detail the afternoon game plan.

Re-Launch From Dockside

It's just after lunch time, and the boat is being re-launched in a far more manageable location, and this is what I expect (and what I got during while being off water).

Judging Conditions + Spot Is Taken

Now that the sun is up it is much easier to gauge water clarity, and you can see the subtle changes as the boat is running. But as the final destination nears, it's apparent there's not one, but four boats where I wanted to fish! So, I make some key adjustments to maintain a courteous distance and catch fish anyway.

Success Using A New Technique

The boat can't be positioned where I'd like it, so a new technique is devised and, even though it's highly unconventional, it very well could work!

Slide into the "A Spot"

Finally! I get a chance to slide under the bridge and position the boat where I want it.

Bait On Side Imaging Sonar?

I notice that the piling I get the most action off of has bait flowing past it, just to the right of the boat. Is there a connection?

Water Cleans Up + Color Change

The water becomes cleaner and cleaner, causing a change in lure color. Turns out to be a good decision!

Trout Bite Picks Up

Trout keep biting, so I keep casting.

Trout Keep Biting

It's not fast and furious, but it's a steady pace and the fish are quality, so staying put and making good casts is a no-brainer.

One More Move Before It's Over

The baitfish seen on side imaging are no longer swimming past the boat. Coincidentally, the trout stop biting. Are the two instances related? I cannot be certain, but what is certain is one last move before heading home.

Post Trip Review

Okay, it's time to go over the fishing trip! Let's see everywhere I went, what worked, what didn't and things learned while out on the water.