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SFMS Part 11 - Finding The Best Redfish Spots

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You should know where to go before you hit the water. Here is some great knowledge to home in on redfish before launching the boat!

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Go Where The Redfish Are!

Redfish just want to be comfortable and have something to eat. In this section I give you the tools to identify spots that have these two things.

The Myth of Shallow Water

Yes, redfish can be caught in six inches to a foot of water, but we all do the majority of our sight fishing in 2-4 feet of water, sometimes as deep as 6 feet. 

The Myth of Clean Water

That Louisiana only has dirty water is not true! Let me show you why.

Using Satellite Imagery to Find Awesome Redfish Ponds

This is the juice, just be sure to pay attention and soak it all in.

Sorting "Good" Ponds From "Bad"

Which ponds are the best to try? I show you how I break it down.

Identify Consistently Clean Water

Fish know which areas consistently have the best conditions. Here is how to find them.

The Small, But Revealing, Details Inside Google Earth

It's all about the details at Sight Fishing Mastery School!

Locating Safe Routes w/ Google Earth

How I use this awesome tool to find what's most likely the safest route to get to my spots and back.

Interpreting MODIS Satellite Imagery

Remember MODIS? It's baaaack and this time we're gonna jump into all those details.

Satellite Imagery Summary

Very important! Watch this to tie it all together and make the most of satellite imagery.