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Cut the Crap From Your Facebook and Get More Fishing Stuff

Facebook is trashing your fishing life. Here is how to fix it.

My phone vibrated and a text message appeared on the screen:

“Have you seen the ISIS kill list?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Sure, it was that list on the back of my milk jug. Or was it on my roll of toilet paper? Can’t remember.”

“Oh, I’m just seeing if you knew. It sounds pretty serious.”

Obviously there was some kind of article, usually crappy journalism, making its rounds on Facebook and the mainstream media, scaring the crap out of people and not lending to the general well being of anyone’s lives.

I do not care if some benign group of idiots claiming to be <insert terrorist group> has my name on their kill list (or not).

This isn’t the first time this kind of news has come to my attention. In fact, it has happened like clockwork over the last ten or so years.

I am so over it and simply do…not…care.

Social Media and the News are Ruining Your Life

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to be an “informed individual” by reading everything the news and social media throws at them.

Today in the news:

“There is someone, somewhere, who said or did something you will find controversial and get all uppity over.”

Take it from someone who makes their living from a blog: the news and social media work to garner your attention.

They carefully choose words to write the best copy that will suck into a blackhole of inconsequential bullsh*t and completely ruin your day.

Social media uses calculated algorithms to deliver the most viral and relevant content to your newsfeed, where you are sure to have your cortisol levels rise even higher.

These things ruin your fishing life. After all, if you’re here then chances are you like fishing. If you don’t, well…you should go! It’s a lot of fun.

If we are going to be on social media we might as well engage the fishing things we love and see. It may even help those cortisol levels go down as we day-dream of setting the hook.

The changes I made

Years ago I got rid of my TV.

No more commercials (why would I pay to watch commercials?). No more insane news. Then I pruned my Facebook so I only saw fishing related stuff.

Last year I took it a step further by using a browser extension to completely remove the News Feed from my Facebook experience.

After all, it is the News Feed where all the attention-grabbing nonsense is spawned.

Okay, so I don’t get to see what all my “friends” are up to, but I was born in the 80s and I’m accustomed to not knowing what they are doing.

If I really cared, I would contact them. After all, that’s what makes them real friends, right?

How I did it

First off, you can keep your Facebook newsfeed and prune it by selecting what you “see first”. Facebook employs an algorithm that decides what to show you in your newsfeed.

This algorithm monitors your behavior on Facebook to determine what you like and don’t like. Sometimes it’s spot on, other times it’s a little off.

Bypass this algorithm altogether by choosing what you want to see first.

Tweak Facebook

Obviously, it’s recommended that you “see first” the Louisiana Fishing Blog! Just kidding.

Anyways, if you go through all of your favorite pages and people to see them first, then your newsfeed will be significantly improved.

Just be warned that you can only “see first” so many pages. I forget what the number is, but it’s not infinite.

Spoiler Alert

Facebook still wants to serve what they think you are going to like because…it’s their goal to keep you on Facebook.

Me, I don’t want to waste my life scrolling through a newsfeed. So I did something else…

Just Kill it Altogether

I listen to a lot of podcasts because I like learning from other people. I listened to this one episode of Entrepreneur on Fire in which this woman mentioned a great Internet resource: Kill News Feed.

Kill News Feed is a Google Chrome Extension that literally kills that evil newsfeed.

Gone. Kaput. Dead.

Kill News Feed

Some people use the Facebook app on their smartphone. If this is the case for you, then I do not have a solution. Sorry.

I hate using my smartphone for some things because I feel like I am peering into a room through a keyhole. It just frustrates me.

The rest of you on your desktops, embrace this freedom!

Focus on what’s good in life and don’t let the Debbie Downers of the world change any of that for you.

I hope this helps you lead a more fruitful and productive life filled with positive fishing stuff. Inshore Nation, there’s too much crap out there and we weren’t made to digest it all.

Whenever significant news happens someone has to tell me in person or I otherwise do not know.

I’m okay with that because my life is a lot better without all of the drama.

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