August 29

E29 – Kalon Johnson – Inshore Kayaking is Life

Kalon Johnson is serious as a heart attack when it comes to fishing. Listen in, learn how he locates fish and finds success in the marshes of Louisiana.

Kalon Johnson was born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana. His neck of the woods is home to all kinds of excellent fishing, ranging from freshwater to saltwater, but most notably, redfish. In fact, it is easily argued that Lafourche Parish is one of the redfish capitals of the world. So it should come as no surprise that sight fishing for redfish is Kalon Johnson's greatest passion. He does it every week from the vantage of his Hobie kayak.

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Kalon's worst fishing trip story is a humbling one. He was in the midst of competing in a tournament and was having a tough day as he couldn't find the fish he needed. It was then that the sky darkened and let loose: he was caught in a thunderstorm. By the time the rain passed he had to start paddling back for the dock. Sadly, he had no fish to weigh in.

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For Kalon to share this with us is a testimony to his character. He will reveal the bad fishing trips with the good. He described the event as being a humbling "reality check." The lesson to learn here is that part of being a successful inshore angler is dealing with failure. Failure is inevitable in the realm of fishing and how an angler handles it will determine his or her future success...and even reveal a part of their character.

When asked about how he "Fishes Smarter", Kalon offers a method that is guaranteed to put you on fish, but you have to listen to learn it!


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