September 19

E32 – Fishing Smarter with Captain Mitch Rogers

Captain Mitch Rogers shares insights to successfully patterning speckled trout in Delacroix as well as some lures you may have never used before. Listen in and Fish Smarter!

Mitch Rogers is a native of the Greater New Orleans area who grew up fishing with his father and grandfather in Delacroix. It was from them he built a great foundation of inshore knowledge. It is upon that foundation he still builds today as he strives to perfect his trade.

Today he fishes with a variety of tackle, but believes that the sparkle beetle is the ol' "tried and true" soft plastic of the Louisiana marsh. But, he's one to break the mold and try new tactics and tackle. He prefers to "match the hatch" and throw lures that look more like what the fish are eating. For example, it is this time of the year (September) when speckled trout start feeding more on white shrimp and less on finfish.

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During the winter he loves throwing a suspending bait on a sunny day. Some of his favorite suspending baits include the MirroLure 52MR or Rapala X-Rap. He will toss these baits near ledges with a deep drop off.

Fishing ledges are his favorite because these areas offer a place for trout to feed but also seek shelter from inclement weather. An example of a ledge he likes to fish is the where the Pencil Canal dumps into Oak River in Delacroix.

Though his strong suit in inshore fishing is Delacroix, he has also fished Sea Brook due to its close proximity. He misses the "old Sea Brook" that had saltwater input from the MRGO. With the construction of the Rock Dam and closure of the MRGO. He also enjoys fishing offshore.

Captain Mitch Rogers fishes smarter by learning why it is fish are biting the way that they are, rather than taking the fishing success for granted. The day isn't complete until he has the fish figured out!

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Last, but not least, he received some of his best fishing advice from his grandfather. He told a young Mitch to never fall for the lure fads. Indeed, most fishing tackle being sold today has more marketing than meat behind it. Mitch believes you should fish with what you are confident with and what has been proven to catch fish.


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