September 26

E33 – Talking Fly Fishing, Flat Boats and Fishing the Conditions with Ty Hibbs

He is an excelled angler who was won several tournaments and also runs his own guide service. It's time you got to know Ty Hibbs!

Ty Hibbs is a licensed charter captain and lifelong inshore angler who grew up in the Greater New Orleans Area of Metairie and Kenner.

Despite being in his early 20s he has accumulated a ton of inshore fishing knowledge and even during his short time on Earth has watched the marsh change. Ty has a lot of fishing advice and one piece he has to offer in regard to the marsh changing is to change with the marsh, since the only constant in Louisiana's wetlands is change.

Sometimes listening to Ty talk about fishing is like listening to an old timer share his best secrets.

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Ty will also tell you that if you have been hammering the fish at a specific location for seven days in a row then don't catch any on Day 8 then it is because something changed. Something changed in the conditions and it is your job as an angler to discover that.

That is what makes fishing fun for Ty. He loves learning their behavior and discovering their patterns. Otherwise any dummy can reel in a fish.

Ty Hibbs started Fishing Smarter when he got his driver's license. He went fishing every chance he could by loading a flatboat in the bed of his truck. This boat was a 15ft Alweld with a 1972 Evinrude 25 on the back. That's dedication!

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Ty Hibbs fished a lot out of that flatboat and it was inside it that he learned to Fish Smarter. His fishing trips became less like fishing and more like hunting as he'd pay attention to the conditions and learn how that would affect fish behavior

I must point out that Ty keeps detailed fishing reports. Every single one of the greats within the inshore fishing realm keep fishing reports. You can read and post fishing reports at Louisiana Fishing Reports

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