October 3

E34 – Kris Robert on not Being Scared to Fail & the Segway to Success

Kris Robert is a licensed, full-time charter captain and competitive tournament angler. Listen in as we talk Fishing Smarter, fishing patterns and what it takes to succeed.

Kris Robert was born in Slidell, Louisiana and grew up fishing the Northshore. He is a legitimate born and bred Louisiana angler who spent his entire life as an outdoorsman, both fishing and hunting.

Today, Kris Robert is a full time charter captain, fishing 200+ days out of the year on the water. He has the coon eyes to prove it! His charter is One Last Cast LLC.

In addition to taking customers into the marsh he fishes the Louisiana Saltwater Series with his partner, Benny Sanchez. They have done well, bringing home the hammers and winning several events, to include taking home the coveted Team of the Year award.

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Kris Robert has great advice for Fishing Smarter. He recommends keeping and reviewing fishing reports. This is something all of the pros recommend doing. It can be a hassle to do after a fishing trip, because once you get home after fishing all day you are tired and just want to rest, but that is the best time to write down all of the details that occurred during the trip.

Captain Kris Robert keeps details in his fishing reports, details such as moon phase, wind strength/direction, water clarity, tide and more.

You can read the latest fishing reports and post your own at Louisiana Fishing Reports, source for inshore fishing reports for specks and reds.

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Above all, Kris Robert is not scared to fail.

I will tell you right now that if you want to become awesome at inshore fishing you will inevitable experience failure. What matters is not how often you fail, but you handle failure. Those who bounce back and keep going reach new levels of success. Those who get down on themselves and wallow in self-pity never reach the top.

Which angler are you?

Listen in and learn how Kris Robert can make you a better inshore angler!


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