October 10

E35 – 2nd Gen Charter Captain and IFA Pro Redfish Angler, Captain Chad Dufrene

Captain Chad Dufrene is one of those authentic inshore anglers with a long and illustrious career fishing the marshes of Louisiana...and we finally got him on the podcast!

Captain Chad Dufrene is originally from the Galliano area. He grew up inshore fishing under the watchful eye of his father, who was a commercial fisherman and the first charter guide in the area, starting his operation in 1974.

Chad gave "normal" life a shot and finally gave up after years of not enjoying his work. It was then in 1998 he started guiding in the marshes of south Louisiana, carrying on the Dufrene name.

He fished Galliano as a charter captain for over a decade. After sixteen years he picked everything up and moved to Delacroix on the east bank of the Mississippi River. This move was due to water access issues, which are not a problem on the east side of the Mississippi River.

The issue of water access is the issue of our time. Be sure to listen to Inshore Interviews Episode 31 to learn more about this serious problem.

Learning a new area as a guide is a big decision! I have always maintained that an angler who is truly good at his trade will be able to locate and catch fish in a new area. Captain Chad Dufrene pulled this off with no issue.

Captain Chad Dufrene believes strongly in covering water in order to find the biomass of fish. Not one or two, but the entire shebang. He applies this to the redfish tournaments he competes in. He maintains that 80% of the fish are found in 20% of the marsh.

He knows this from his personal experience scouting for redfish. When he leaves the dock to cover water and look for them he will see a few here and there. Then he will see schools of a dozen, or thirty, then a hundred and even schools over a hundred. The man isn't crazy and he isn't lying. I've seen this, too. If you get serious about fishing redfish and begin Fishing Smarter, you will as well.

Captain Chad Dufrene has been fishing Inshore Fishing Association redfish tournaments since 2001. He has done well, taking 1st place in events as well as bringing home Team of the Year.

It may shock you to learn that he is red/green color blind! For sight fishing in redfish tournaments this is an issue he has had to overcome.

This podcast has a lot of good fishing tips and advice dropped by our guest. Don't miss out and be certain to listen in!


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  • Captain Chad was a childhood friend,
    Our neighborhood at that time was like a Cajun version of the little rascals, we built camps in the woods, boats to pull in the ditches and made many a fresh water fishing trip in the 40 arpent canal, which we walked to by the way, while carrying fishing poles and tackle that we borrowed from our Dads, mostly without them knowing what we were up to,
    We fished for Bass, Bluegill and Alligator Gar,
    We also swam and fished hard head catfish in Bayou Lafourche, I can still remember Chad for teaching me how to let a fish take a bait and set the hook, those are my earliest fishing memories, I was 7 years old at the time,
    It’s no surprise to me that he is a fishing guide and a very good one at that,
    Thanks for all the memories Chad,
    And thanks to you Devin,
    I’m really enjoying the content thus far

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