October 23

E37 – This Landlocked Alabama Boy Catches More Redfish Than You – Barnie White

Barnie White is an excelled tournament angler who has won tens of thousands of dollars catching redfish in Louisiana. Best part is, he's a homegrown Alabama boy. Let Barnie White tell you how to FISH SMARTER!

Barnie White is a tournament angler who frequents the Louisiana Saltwater Series, Inshore Fishing Association and Redfish Elite Series tournament trails and he has done very well for himself. His tournament partner is Captain Chad Dufrene and you can listen to Chad's Inshore Interviews Podcast in Episode 35.

Barnie White is not only from out-of-state but is from a landlocked portion of Alabama. He doesn't even live on the coast! That's why this episode is so special because he does not have the advantage of having grown up in the inshore fishing world. He must "Fish Smarter" in order to excel and that is exactly what he does.

Barnie White grew up in a rural area that didn't have a big town or a lot of people. When he got off school he would go fishing or hunting and that is where his foundation in fishing begun, freshwater fishing for bass in Alabama.

Waaaaaay back in the 90s he went on a fishing charter with Chad Dufrene and that was all it took. He fell in love with redfish and has been fishing for them ever since. To have a charter customer who becomes a redfish pro angler speaks volumes of Barnie's ability to learn and adapt.

Barnie has a lot of knowledge bombs that he drops through Episode 37, but one that stuck out to me was "be a complete angler". It just makes so much sense. Stop and think about it: Be a complete angler. 


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