October 31

E38 – From Georgia to Florida, Matt Treadaway Talks Inshore Fishing in Louisiana

Being born in Georgia, raised in Florida and fishing in Louisiana he has acquired a lot of knowledge. Get in on it and listen to Episode 38 today!

Matt Treadaway was born in Georgia, but raised in Florida, where he grew up inshore fishing for various species of fish. When he moved to Louisiana he said the first thing he noticed was the difference in tides between Louisiana and Florida. Indeed, Louisiana has a diurnal tide and Florida a semi-diurnal tide.

Growing up in Florida he caught a lot of his own bait using a cast net and attributes it to being a "zen like" experience.

Matt believes that in Louisiana fish are not so much ocular feeders (meaning they feed by sight) but that they feed by smell and sound, so he uses a popping cork and scents in his arsenal and has been successful doing so.

In his worst fishing trip he was wade fishing in Florida and stepped on a conch shell. He had a huge hole in his foot that was bleeding into the current, into water that was known to have sharks (and they saw sharks too). He has a hole in his foot to this day to remind him of the event.

Matt started Fishing Smarter when he used a Chug Plug, a bass lure, to target inshore species in Florida, years ago during a time when most people used a popping cork.

Matt nails it with using his "puzzle piece" analogy.

Successful fishing is like putting a puzzle together. That is what he had to do when he moved to Louisiana. No one was giving him fishing spots, he had to Fish Smarter to find success on his own.

He says that if you learn how to put the pieces of a puzzle together, you can do so whether you are putting the puzzle together on a coffee table or the hood of a car. What a great analogy!


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