November 14

E40 – April is a Beast of an Inshore Angler!

April was born in Kenner but got to the marsh as fast as she could. Today she is a tournament angler and inshore fanatic!

April Hrubes grew up fishing under the tutelage of her father and grandfather. She really got the "best of both worlds" with her grandfather taking her fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and her father showing her the ropes in Delacroix.

She always kept a fascination and love with the world of inshore fishing. Today she fishes on her own with her kids or other female anglers. Her husband, Captain Shawn Hrubes also shares her passion and today they fish redfish tournaments together to include Tito's Vodka Redfish Tournament and the Louisiana Saltwater Series (which is unfortunately not being funded for 2017).

Her favorite setup is a spinning setup complete with a Daiwa Ballistic reel and Tatula rod. She likes fishing for speckled trout (who doesn't?) but she really prefers sight casting for redfish. Her favorite redfish lure is a Hall's HD spinnerbait with some kind of Matrix Shad, color depending on the water clarity.

She doesn't like using a gold spoon for redfish, she really prefers a spinnerbait. This goes to show you need to find what you are confident with and stick with it. Lure experimentation is key for any angler to be successful!

Listen to her story and how she likes to tackle the marsh. April covers a lot of things, but she covers some very grown-up and detail-oriented aspects of preparing for successful fishing trips. It's not all about fishing, it is also about being prepared. I applaud her and (and fishing pal Melissa Larson, who was in Episode 24) for looking at potential scenarios that most anglers do not.

April has knowledge bombs for other women who are interested in fishing and becoming better at it. It's a good listen! So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button below!


Inshore Fishing 101


You can Stop Being a Sissy and Take Some Inspiration From This Angler


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