November 28

E42 – Top Trout Tagger Charlie Bush Talks Conservation and Fishing Smarter

He's tagged more speckled trout than you have seen all year. Listen in to how, and why, he gets it done!

Charlie Bush is the grandaddy of speckled trout in Louisiana, so if you haven't heard of him then this is a great opportunity to learn more! He was born and raised in Metairie and spent much of his life there but eventually moved to Luling, where he has resided for the last decade.

Charlie Bush calls himself a "true blue coonass" and had been fishing since he was a child. His father couldn't afford a boat so whenever he did go fishing he made sure there was room to bring his son. He passed his passion on to Charlie who passed it on to Chris, who was our guest in Inshore Interviews Episode 25.

Today Charlie is a licensed captain who spends his time taking out charters but also tagging speckled trout for LDWF's TAG Louisiana program. He is 70  years old and has been fishing speckled trout all his life, passing a lot of his knowledge onto his sons. He is a diehard artificial lure angler who has tagged over 2,000 speckled trout in the 2015 tagging year. That does not include every speckled trout he caught, just the ones he has tagged. Charlie Bush has caught and tagged more speckled trout in a year than most have seen on their fishing trips.

Charlie drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this episode. It's a recommended listen and you'd be crazy to not hit the play button below!


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How to Tag Fish

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