December 5

E43 – Andre Thomas is a Student of the Game

This California native has been mastering the marsh and is a top tagger for redfish. Listen in to learn his secrets!

Andre, unlike the majority of our guests on our fishing podcast, is originally from Oakland, California. He's a well spoken individual who came onto Inshore Interviews to share how he succeeds in the marsh.

I love having guests like Andre because they bring a fresh perspective to the table. They come from waters where everything is different, whether it's the conditions, fish behavior, water structure, etc. and they use those things to adapt to our waters. I believe that learning how they'd adapt is where the money is and learning new ways to fish our own waters.

Andre grew up fishing under the tutelage of his father in freshwater lakes in California. As he grew up, he continued chasing a multitude of species to include stripers. This solid foundation in fishing would set him up for success in Louisiana.

In 2007 he moved to Louisiana and was blown away by our fishery! He was happy to take part in the TAG Louisiana program and begin contributing by tagging redfish and red snapper. He was the top tagger for red snapper several years in a row and a top tagger for redfish, tagging over 500 redfish in a year.

Andre recommends using extra strength hooks for redfish over standard hooks. But that's not all he recommends.

Andre maintains an open mind and is willing to try new things and accept fresh perspectives. It's most likely what makes him so lethal as an inshore angler. He has a lot of advice he offers as well, most of which is new information to this podcast and makes for an excellent listen.

There is no doubt in my mind that where ever Andre decides to fish he will excel!


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