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Rob Lever

E45 – Yankee Basser Applies Freshwater Tactics in a Redfish World

Rob Lever hails from Massachusetts, but loves fishing in Louisiana. Listen in to how this Yankee bass angler succeeds in the Louisiana marsh!

I absolutely love podcast guests hailing from outside of Louisiana. The further away, the better! This is because they bring a fresh perspective to the table in the form of new tactics, tackle and techniques. Too often we, as natives, get clouded with our own way of fishing. This can cause us to miss opportunities and sometimes a fresh set of eyeballs can fix that.

Rob Lever is no exception. He grew up saltwater fishing in Massachusetts with his father chasing striped bass, blue fish, fluke, sharks and more. He didn’t transition to the freshwater world until about ten years ago. Ever since then black bass have captured his imagination and today he is an avid bass angler, spending 200+ days on the water each year.

He refers to himself as being a “lucky dude” since he is heavily involved in various fishing ventures, to include his non-profit, We Love to Fish.

Being accomplished in the bass world he had few issues adjusting to Louisiana’s waters. In fact, he said a lot of the marsh in Delacroix reminded him of the waters he fishes in Massachusetts, with the major difference being water temperature.

Rob has a lot of cool insight into the Louisiana marsh. Listening to his initial impressions is very interesting. In the realm of bass fishing, being able to successfully fish aquatic grass is key. When he started fishing for redfish around grass mats he knew exactly what he had to do in order to boat fish. What he does is actually pretty cool and I have to admit that I learned something. If you want to find out, you have to listen to the podcast!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and hit the play button below. It’s an excellent listen!


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