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Nick Hebert

E46 – Nick Hebert, 17¢ of gas and Sighting Redfish

This former LASS angler tells us how he Fishes Smarter.

Nick Hebert is from Saint Rose and got started fishing when he was three years old. His grandfather had a camp in Myrtle Grove, so fishing the area came naturally to him.

I met Nick at the Louisiana Saltwater Series. In fact, I believe participating in events like the Saltwater Series (which, sadly, is no longer running….thank Charlie Melancon) provide excellent opportunities to expand your inshore angling network. You really want to have a slew of people in your network so you can learn more, go on different fishing trips and just enjoy inshore fishing that much more.

You can also begin networking by posting fishing reports (and other fishing related topics) at Louisiana Fishing Reports. If you don’t speak up, people will never know who you are!

Nick loves to sight fish, but also catch speckled trout. His favorite speckled trout lure is a Matrix Shad in Shrimp Creole.

He also loves throwing DUCE Rods, with the Utility Stick being his favorite because it has the backbone he wants when fishing for reds.

When asked about being persistent (and not being patient), he tells us of a small victory in the Lafitte LASS that got him invited to the 2014 LASS championship. It’s a great listen and expounds upon the importance of having a good tournament partner.

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