January 2

E47 – Josh Hall, Heavy Duty Spinnerbaits and Sight Fishing Reds

He's landed hammer trout, won redfish tournaments and even makes his own specialized lure. It's time you met Josh Hall.

Josh Hall is a native Louisianan, having been born and raised in Metairie. His family has a history of being avid anglers, enabling the for him opportunity to fish everywhere from Lake Pontchartrain to Grand Isle during his childhood.

Josh doesn't hunt ducks or deer, something typical of Louisiana sportsmen, instead he devotes his time to inshore fishing. I can relate, because I do the exact same thing!

It's only natural that Josh would become an accomplished angler. Not only has he landed countless hammer speckled trout (like in the photo above) but he has also won redfish tournaments, to include the Delacroix title of the Louisiana Saltwater Series in 2014.

Josh prefers to use fishing rods that are 7' 6" or longer when he is sight fishing reds so he can maneuver the redfish around the hull of the boat from the height of his stand. He prefers to use 13 Fishing Concept reels and 65lb braided line.

He rarely uses a spinning rod, but when he does it is to throw a popping cork.

Another notable item of Josh Hall is that he builds his own spinnerbaits by hand. But these spinnerbaits are special. Unlike typical spinnerbaits that are built for bass, his spinnerbaits are built for redfish. A spinnerbait designed for bass uses a thinner wire that redfish easily destroy. Josh's use a heavy duty wire, so they are termed "HD" spinnerbaits.

We talked a lot about different fishing knowledge, but Josh did give a shout out to Matrix Shad, noting the founder, Chas Champagne, has a lot of great information in his YouTube Channel.

But there is even more!

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Josh Hall's HD Spinnerbaits Facebook Page

Josh Hall's Facebook


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