January 15

E49 – Teaching the World to Fish with Bass Aficionado Gene Jensen

Better known as "Flukemaster", the YouTube sensation Gene Jensen graces Inshore Interviews with his presence!

If you know me then you know I love bass angling. As inshore anglers we have so much to learn from the pursuit of America's fish. That big-mouthed, small finned green machine sets the gold standard for sport fish and the development of fishing tackle and techniques.

We have just as much to learn from bass anglers. There's a slew of them out there but only a handful have managed to grab the Internet by the horns and teach people to fish. One of those is Gene Jensen, also known as "Flukemaster" on BassResource.com and across the Internet.

Gene possesses an impeccable character that makes him a likable guy. This excerpt from his YouTube channel says it all:

I am a fisherman.
It's not merely something that I do.
It is who I am.
Fishing is not simply my escape.
It is where I am supposed to be.
It is not a place that I go.
But a lifelong journey I am taking.
It is a passage that was shown to me,
and that I will continue to show to others.
When you understand all of this you will then know me.
And we will fish together.

Powerful stuff, isn't it?

If you couldn't tell from his hat, Gene Jensen is a Georgia boy! It's only natural that he'd love bass fishing, as Georgia is home to some incredible bass fishing to include Lake Hartwell.

Just like myself, Gene used to take clients on guided fishing trips, but realized his potential by teaching others to fish. That is when his YouTube channel took off. Today he has over 170,000 subscribers and well over 300 videos dedicated to teaching people how to fish for largemouth bass.

Gene Jensen drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this podcast episode of Inshore Interviews. It's a great listen and strongly recommended! It was a pleasure having him on the podcast and I hope he comes down to Louisiana for a fishing trip!


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