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Jamie Hough Podcast

E53 – Jamie Hough & The Keys to Succeed in Redfish Tournaments

Jamie hails from South Carolina, but he is a Louisiana regular. Listen in and learn how he fishes smarter in high-stakes redfish tournaments.

Jamie Hough is a 20-year fishing guide and resident of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

When he was in college, he passed up typical jobs to pay his tuition and started guiding clients in the marsh.

In South Carolina they have awesome redfishing, especially during the winter time. What makes redfishing unique in South Carolina is that redfish stay in dense, thick schools because of the constant threat of bottle-nosed dolphins, often incorrectly referred to as a “porpoise” in Louisiana. In fact, just below is a video from our Facebook page of that phenomena.

While we do have bottle-nosed dolphins in Louisiana, they are not everywhere we often find redfish.

Up until he was an adult, Jamie Hough didn’t know anything about Louisiana besides Mardi Gras, he had no idea we had awesome fishing down here! That’s a common issue we have with our state’s image. It seems more people know about our partying, Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill than they do our incredible fishery.

It was a bachelor party that ultimately brought him to Louisiana. He ended up fishing with Captain Theophile Bourgeois on a chartered seaplane fishing trip. Later on, Ronnie Pitts brought him sightfishing in Louisiana. After that Jamie Hough began fishing tournaments in Louisiana.

He uses all Penn tackle, but here is the kicker: he uses 2500 series Clash reels, Battalion rods, and 10lb test Spiderwire Ultracast. Tha’s right! He has never broken off a fish with it. This is crazy because I use much heavier line when tournament fishing around heavy grass, like 40 – 65lb test braided line. He says the Ultracast line is stronger than the actual 10lb test rating at 22.5lbs.

Jamie also uses a fluorocarbon leader, about 2.5ft long, in 25-30lb test, but may go down to 15lb if the redfish are pressured and biting finicky.

Inshore Nation, there are so many more knowledge bombs. You have to listen to the podcast. Not all of them are here in this description. They include:

    • why you don’t need a fancy boat to win a tournament
    • how Elite Series pros succeed without a trolling motor
    • how easy it is to win in Tito’s
    • how to keep redfish alive in the livewell
    • how to properly measure redfish
    • and more!

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