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Captain Christian Orfanello

E55 – Christian Orfanello: Why He Started Sea Tow and How He Succeeds In Fishing

The man behind the franchise reveals how it got started. Trust me, his story is a good one!

Christian Orfanello is from Metairie but today he lives in Slidell. Like most Louisiana boys he grew up fishing and, as he put it, “didn’t learn what golf was until college”. Obviously he is joking, but his point is that fishing, and the outdoors in general, is an integral part of a Louisiana upbringing.

Captain Christian’s worst fishing trip story is a good one. It’s unfortunate he had to endure such a miserable experience, but in the long run it made Louisiana’s inshore fishing more enjoyable. After having to leave his boat beached on a barrier island off the coast of Louisiana (and being rescued by the Coast Guard) he figured there had to be a better way to do things. That is when he started his business, Sea Tow of New Orleans.

If you haven’t heard (and I have no idea how you could not have, but I’m more than happy to fill ya in) Sea Tow is a service provider for inshore anglers. They are essentially the AAA of the water, and have proven to be the only reliable service. I have been a Sea Tow member for years. If I break down in the marsh or require assistance, Sea Tow is there to tow me in or give whatever assistance it is that I need. This comes at no additional charge since I am a member.

An annual Sea Tow membership costs the same as a rod and reel combo. For that price you get taken care of first (non-members do not get priority) when you need assistance.

But we talked about other things than Sea Tow! We also talked about my favorite discussion: Fishing Smarter. This is a good listen, so be sure you don’t miss out. Hit the play button below. :)


Inshore Fishing 101


Why I am a Sea Tow member

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