March 6

E56 – How Michael Clements Catches on the Texas Coast

This Texan has fished everything from largemouth bass to big bull reds, and reveals all of the tips and tricks to succeed in doing so.

Michael Clements is a diehard inshore angler who hails from Texas and has been professionally fishing for over twenty five years. He started out in the bass fishing world but eventually moved to inshore fishing. His specialty is targeting large, upper-slot redfish.

He is a Cabela's pro angler and runs a 25' Majek Extreme with a Yamaha F300 on the back. That's a go-fast, high octane boat! But, there is something very surprising about Michael:

He also fishes out of a kayak.

He genuinely loves fishing out of a kayak, but recommends it as a great way to scout for boat tournaments because you are remaining incognito. No one would ever think it's you out on the water!

Michael is a tournament regular, having fished bass tournaments but now focusing on redfish tournaments. He fishes Rudy's Redfish Series, Redfish Rivalry, GoPro Redfish Cup and Redfish Elite Series. However, in the Redfish Elite Series he only fishes the kayak division.

He will also be fishing Tito's Vodka Redfish Series in Louisiana this year!

Michael drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this podcast. He covers the "Texas Double Whammy". This technique involves two rods (used by two anglers or one). One rod has a topwater on it and the other has a soft plastic. The topwater is used as a search bait. When a fish explodes on the topwater, but misses, the soft plastic immediately follows up in order to catch the fish.

He also likes to use bass lures for redfish. One favorite: a seven-inch Culprit worm Texas-rigged.

But there is far more information shared on the podcast. That is why you gotta listen! Better yet, you ought to subscribe on iTunes so new episodes go straight to your phone.


Inshore Fishing 101


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