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Sam Barbera

E57 – Sam Barbera on Causeway Speckled Trout, Color Selection & More

This inshore regular and Causeway fanatic tells us how he tackles speckled trout.

Sam Barbera, like the majority of our podcast guests, is a Louisiana native. However, what separates him from others is his love for catching speckled trout using artificial lures in one of the toughest lakes to catch them: Lake Pontchartrain.

Sam has been around the inshore fishing scene for awhile, having worked for the Coastal Conservation Association for eleven years. Today he works for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and was the tournament director for the now defunct Louisiana Saltwater Series, which has been replaced with the Tito’s Vodka Redfish Series.

Sam loves bass fishing, but just can’t stay away from those speckled trout! His favorite way to fish for them is jigging. I’ll point out that mastering jigging equals mastering speckled trout. Louisiana’s top anglers are all proficient at jigging. Recall that Charlie Bush in Episode 42 of our podcast is Louisiana’s top trout tagger and using a jig is the only way he fishes for them. It must work as he catches thousands of speckled trout each year!

Sam is good friends with “Deadly” Dudley Vandenborre, a master trout angler who has caught one of Louisiana’s top ten speckled trout. Dudley also has his own line of lures, one color of which was named after Sam. That color is none other than “Slammin’ Sammy”.

Sam’s best advice: throw what you have confidence in and don’t fish spots, fish conditions.

Conditions like the tide, wind, water clarity and even structure and cover are things anglers need to be aware of when out on the water.

As always, there are many more knowledge bombs dropped in the podcast, and that is why you need to listen in!


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