March 20

E58 – A Man Obsessed: Brandon Treadaway Drives Hard for The WIN

This redfish champion tells us how he pulls it off. Tons of knowledge bombs in this podcast!

He hails from Kenner and started fishing when he was just a child, about 6 or 7 years old. His uncle would take him to Pointe a la Hache to fish for redfish and speckled trout. It was there the passion for inshore fishing was planted in his heart.

As he got older, he got a baitcaster and started fishing in the canals around Kenner. It was a great way for him to scratch that itch.

Brandon was fortunate to fish with inshore greats such as Charlie and Chris Bush. In fact, it was Brandon that told me to get them on the podcast in the first place. As a reference, Charlie Bush was in Episode 42 and his son, Chris Bush, was in Episode 25.

This podcast is a great one! It is packed with knowledge bombs and Brandon does not hold back. You will be impressed with his passion and vigor for launching the boat and finding the fish. After all, it paid big for him in the 2014 LASS Championship. The weights they caught are insane, but to know those exact numbers, ya gotta listen to the podcast. :)

Brandon has a lot of great advice, which includes:

  • keeping rods and reels inside so they can dry out
  • he uses 50lb braided line for abrasion resistance
  • prefers an exposed hook over a weedless setup
  • be obsessed!
  • and more

His largest slot redfish every caught was a 10.3lb behemoth. With a pinched tail this redfish measured 26.75". The best part is, he caught this fish on Day Two of the 2013 LASS Championship. That fish helped them jump from 15th place to 2nd place!!

One of his favorite lures to use is a Big Bite Baits Yo Daddy in watermelon red ghost. He rigs it on a jighead and will even fish it in grass.

But there are more knowledge bombs! To hear them, ya gotta hit the play button below!


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