March 27

E59 – Matt McCabe on Using Electronics to Find Specks and Keeping Fishing Sponsors

He made a living by tournament bass fishing. Today, he excels as an inshore fishing guide.

Captain Matt McCabe began his professional fishing career in local bass tournaments. He did well in those circuits and it was in 2001 when he made the decision to go "pro" and start fishing regional circuits. He spent the next twelve years making his living off bass tournaments.

Fishing in bass tournaments is highly competitive. It was in that arena Matt McCabe honed his fishing skills but, most importantly, his fishing mentality. He grew mentally tough and confident in his ability to catch fish in foreign waters.

I have a little tournament experience myself and I can attest to the power of fishing under pressure. It can make or break you as angler. For those willing to take it on, it's a great dose of stress inoculation that will improve you as an inshore angler.

Captain Matt has a slew of fishing sponsors. These opportunities weren't handed to him. He earned them through his successful promotion and marketing of his favorite product. Also, I imagine that catching fish helps. :) Matt goes into detail on how he was able to secure these sponsorships.

Captain Matt McCabe is in his fourth year guiding inshore fishing trips. He takes out over 200 trips a year and succeeds in an area that is tough to fish: Lake Pontchartrain.

Matt has many keys to success, but one of them is keeping an open mind. He is good at getting his "head in the water" and figuring how fish want the bait presented. Because he keeps an open mind and pays attention to his environment, he is able to adjust and put fish in the boat. If that's not the definition of "Fishing Smarter" then I don't know what is!

Captain Matt drops plenty of knowledge bombs in this episode of Inshore Interviews. This podcast is a great listen. You really need to hit the play button below!

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