April 3

E60 – Aaron Pierce on Big Speckled Trout and Free-Lining Pogies to Land ‘Em

This big trout student of Steve Shook tells how he targets the bigguns.

Aaron Pierce was born in Houma, but grew up in Cut Off, Louisiana. He was reared in the outdoors, so Aaron was naturally poised to become the outdoorsman he is today. He hunts just as much as he fishes, but there is a special place in his heart for big speckled trout.

After high school Aaron went to college and eventually received his Master's in Oceanography from Louisiana State University. Afterwards, he came back home to become a full-time guide.

If you have never heard of Steve Shook then you should know he is one of Louisiana's big speckled trout masters. Due to prevailing circumstances I am unable to get him on the podcast, but since Aaron fished with Steve often, and learned much from him, we are able to get some indirect knowledge bombs from Steve in this podcast.

Today, Aaron helps restore our coast by planting new vegetation, to include cypress trees, in areas where land is being built by the Mississippi River or through dredging.

This podcast is a good one and was a joy to record. Be sure to listen in!

If you want to book a charter with Captain Aaron, then call him at 985-637-9720 or find him on Facebook.


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