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Chris Kennedy

E64 – From a Pinto to Placing at The Top, Chris Kennedy is The Real Deal

Chris Kennedy is part of a two-man team who won the championship and Team of the Year for the 2016 Louisiana Saltwater Series. Now he tells us how he did it!

Chris Kennedy is from the Greater New Orleans area, specifically Metairie. But despite being from an area that has more concrete than marsh he still found a way to fall in love with fishing, casting a line from the side of the road out of his Pinto. He didn’t even have  a boat in the beginning, but isn’t that how we all start?

That love evolved into a passion for redfish tournaments and he has been fishing tournaments since the early 2000s.

I know I interview a lot of redfish tournament anglers on the podcast, but Chris’s story is unique because he got to be there for the early days. Back then was a completely different animal. Growing up, I never saw a towerboat, much less a stand to sight redfish from. The concept of sighting them wasn’t something I was familiar with. In fact, a lot of the knowledge and equipment we take for granted today Chris didn’t have back then.

He had to learn just about everything from scratch.

It’s that kind of journey that is filled with adversity and hard lessons. These hard lessons can make one a stronger angler or make them quit tournament trails altogether. Chris chose to persevere and climb the ladder.

Today he has reached zeniths we only dream about. To highlight this, him and his tournament partner won the Louisiana Saltwater Series last year (in 2016) taking home the championship and Team of the Year. This victory was unprecedented and has never happened before in LASS history. Says a lot about the man!

Like all our podcasts, this one is filled with knowledge bombs and a great story. If you want to learn how Chris finds fish, what lures he throws and more, then you have to listen in.

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