May 8

E65 – From the Battlefield to Big Bassin’ with Combat Veteran Chad Battles

Chad Battles is a combat veteran of the Global War on Terror. Today, he spends his time catching bass in a place where most go to catch specks and reds!

Chad is a Louisiana native from the West Bank who, unlike myself, grew up primarily bass fishing in Lakes Cataouatche and Salvador. It's his passion and target species whenever he launches the boat.

Chad joined the military out of high school (specifically the Army) in a combat MOS and deployed to Iraq.

Today, he is no longer in the Army but is still a hardcore basser. Most of us go to Delacroix to catch speckled trout and even redfish, but Chad goes to Delacroix to catch America's fish, the largemouth bass!

This is going to sound crazy, but believe it or not Chad does not like to fish for speckled trout! He thinks they are too slimy (I lol'd too) and would prefer to target those "green trout" and even the incidental redfish.

What makes this episode of the Inshore Interviews podcast unique are the techniques Chad goes over he uses to target bass. It's not so much that they are new to the realm of fishing, but I have never heard of anything applying these techniques in this specific part of Louisiana.

It makes for an educational listen, so hit the play button below!

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