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E66 – Captain Brooks Levy on Lake Pontchartrain and the Journey of Becoming a Charter Captain

This Lake Pontchartrain fishing guide shares his secrets and strategies to consistently boating fish.

Captain Brooks Levy and I have something in common: we were both raised in Slidell, Louisiana. So it’s only natural that he would be drawn to Lake Pontchartrain and fish her bountiful waters.

When he turned 16 he got his driver’s license and started towing his boat around to fish different parts of the area to include Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Lake Catherine, the Rigolets and more.

Brooks was in college when he considered getting his captain’s license and opening a fishing charter of his own. With a little inspiration from other charter captains he got it done and today he has been chartering for two years.

As for his tackle, Captain Brooks like to use 13 Fishing Concept reels and Tsunami spinning reels. He likes the Tsunami reels because they are fully sealed and the innards are protected from the elements.

He likes to use a variety of rigs to include a drop shot rig and slip cork. He prefers the drop shot over a carolina rig because he feels its design allows one to feel a softer trout bite, the kind of trout bite that is characteristic of Lake Pontchartrain.

When the drop shot isn’t getting it done he will tie on a slip cork for his clients. If you haven’t used a slip cork then you should know it has several advantages over other rigs. For one, its depth is adjustable and, because the cork “slips” along the fishing line, they are easier to cast than conventionally rigged corks with a fixed-length leader line (especially a long leader line).

Of course, there are more knowledge bombs inside this episode and if you want to hear them then you have to listen! Just hit the play button below!
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