May 22

E67 – Jonathan Soultatos on Rigging Flukes, the Beauty of Florida and Surviving a Serious Boat Accident

His name is Jonathan Soultatos and he runs Florida-based Salty Sportsman. This is his story.

Jonathan hails from beautiful Fort Lauderdale, where he was born and raised. Florida's scenery is breathtaking, to say the least, and it is easy to see why so many people live there. In fact, Florida and Louisiana have a similar landmass, but Florida has four times the population and twice as many licensed anglers.

Jonathan grew up fishing on Anglins Fishing Pier and that is where his passion for fishing took root.

Today he runs the Salty Sportsman, which is a resource similar to the Louisiana Fishing Blog. He goes fishing with different avid anglers and charter captains to capture their knowledge and pass it on to his following.

Jonathan loves a gold spoon! It was his preferred lure when fishing for redfish in Biloxi, Mississippi. He fishes with a fluke, rigged weedless with a worm hook, but not always weightless. He will put a split shot 12 inches ahead of the hook.

His worst fishing trip story is the probably the most interesting one in Inshore Interviews history. Honestly, it made the podcast and it is strongly recommended that you listen solely for that story.

What makes fishing easier for him?

He uses bungee cords to tie a boat off at the's a lot cleaner and easier than using conventional lines.

Salty Sportsman

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