May 29

E68 – Clyde Folse on Lure Enhancers, Sacalait and What Makes Fish Bite

This Des Allemands native tells us how his product came to be, and the journey that took him there.

Clyde Folse grew up in the "Catfish Capital of the Universe", Des Allemands. Naturally he spent his time chasing big cats and it wasn't until his 20s he got into sacalait fishing. Those swamp slabs captured his heart and eventually led him to start a lure-enhancement company called "The Crappie Psychic".

Quick Note on This Fish Name

What most people call white perch or crappie, we call "sac-a-lait" here in Louisiana. It means "bag of milk" in French and is the more commonly used term south of the Interstate 10 corridor. 

Clyde's inspiration for the company name comes from a fishing trip with his son. Clyde would tell his son where to cast and each time his son did he instantly hooked up. The youngster turned to his father and exclaimed, "Dad, it's like you're a sacalait psychic!"

But, because "crappie" is the prevalent term, he tweaked the name to "The Crappie Psychic"

Clyde's inspiration for lure enhancements came from his observation of bass anglers using lure trailers. He got some soft plastic lures and started cutting them into strips to make trailers with them and found success doing so.

Today he runs The Crappie Psychic and feels that action and scent are key to getting fish to bite. His array of lure enhancements help accomplish this mission.

Clyde dropped a lotta knowledge bombs in this episode, to include touchier subjects like barometric pressure and yielding a good sacalait bite. If you want to hear them, you have to stop reading and start listening. Just hit the play button below!



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