June 12

E70 – Boola Landry talks Venice, Dealing With River Water and Why The Grass Isn’t Greener on the Other Side

A lot of anglers go to Venice, but this angler is from there. Boola tells us his story.

Most people who drive down LA-23 are familiar enough with the area to work or have fun there, but not Boola. He was born in Port Sulphur, grew up in Venice and has been a life-long resident ever since. He hails from a family of commercial fishermen who have made a living off the marsh in every way imaginable, whether it was shrimp, crabs, gill nets or trapping.

Boola has worked in various capacities in the marsh, whether it was in the oil field or as a commercial fisherman, but today he is a charter captain targeting speckled trout and redfish.

It's no secret the redfish in Venice are tough, it's almost like they have bigger heads and backs! I have seen personally this and if you listened to Episode 58 of this podcast then you know what we are all talking about.

Because of this, Boola has to run strong and dependable tackle for his customers. He prefers Abu Garcia Volatile rods and Penn Battle 2 reels.

For the waters of Venice he prefers to run a Majek 25 Extreme. It handles shallow water and vegetation very well. Just watch his video below.

Boola's worst fishing trip was right after a strong cold front rolled through. It was so cold that it snowed in Belle Chasse, but his customers really wanted to go despite him advising against it. It was a tough day of fishing as the water temperature was so low that the redfish were locked up. Pelicans were literally picking them out of the water. But, patience won the day as the sun shined and water temps rose.

The best fishing advice he ever heard came from his grandfather: don't leave fish to find fish.

Boola says the river is both a blessing and a curse. There are places in Louisiana where we don't have to deal with freshwater from a major river like the Mississippi River, but in Venice the river dictates everything. The river can build sandbars and cover an area with dirty water. But in this podcast Boola goes over how he deals with the river water and successfully catches fish, despite the conditions.


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