June 26

E72 – Elton Rodrigue Talks About his Favorite Speckled Trout Lures, River Water and Fishing Dularge

This charter captain shares his story and best fishing advice for fishing Dularge.

Elton grew up in Gramercy, Louisiana. He was first introduced to the realm of inshore fishing when he’d go shrimping, and eventually angling, with his grandfather. He was very young at this time and recalls “not being tall enough to see over the waves”.

Elton has a few more years under his belt than most of us and he can recount what the “old days” were like. He can recall when an inshore fishing trip’s success was measured by the number of coolers of fish he’d catch! In those days, ice coolers came in a standard size of 48 quarts. It wasn’t uncommon to catch several coolers of fish.

However, Elton doesn’t fall prey to “way-back-when syndrome”. He can tell you that the limits enacted in the 1980s have improved the fishery, and that the “free for all” anglers had before decimated the fish population. For example, the average length of caught redfish was eight to nine inches in that time.

It’s a relief hearing this from Elton because “everything was better back in the day” according to other people.

Fact of the matter is that fishing trips become better with time. I can recall old customers who have stretched the truth on fishing trips from years ago.

Anyways, Captain Elton has great knowledge bombs that he drops in this episode. Be sure to listen in and, if you haven’t already, subscribe on iTunes!


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