July 17

E75 – From Bow Fishing to Sight Fishing, Hunter Shaffett Fishes Smarter

We all have our own journey in inshore fishing, Hunter's is a unique one.

Hunter Shaffett lives in Prairieville, Louisiana but originally grew up north of Baton Rouge near Zachary.

Given that location (nowhere near the coast) he fished for freshwater species like sac-a-lait, or crappie.

So how did he get into inshore fishing, being so far away from the marsh?

His father was a businessman who'd entertain his clients with inshore fishing charters. Hunter got the opportunity to tag along and fell in love with what he described as being the best kind of fishing. I'd agree!

His family eventually got a camp in Cocodrie and Hunter spent time launching out of Coco Marina, learning how to fish inshore waters and species.

Eventually, a local in Chauvin introduced him to bow fishing, where he had a lot of fun, and excelled enough to get into chartering bow fishing trips during the night. It wasn't a far stretch, as he was already guiding duck and deer hunts as a young adult.

This all changed for him when he ventured into the marsh during the day, in his tower, and noticed he could spot redfish from afar. Before he ever cast a line, he was hooked on sight fishing!

His journey in sight fishing has led him to learn new skills and knowledge, not just because of the nature of sight fishing (which is an incredible boost to one's inshore education) but because he also started fishing tournaments.

Today he fishes tournaments with his father (who is  pictured in the cover photo and the star in Hunter's Worst Fishing Trip story). Together, they fish the Redfish Series Partnered with Tito's Handmade Vodka and the Inshore Fishing Association events.

This podcast is a good one! You can listen in by hitting the play button below.


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Redfish Series Partnered with Tito's Handmade Vodka

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