July 24

Episode 76 – Inshore Interviews Podcast

This New Orleans native shares his journey from 17th Street Canal to fly fishing Delacroix.

Inshore Interviews Episode 76


Bad news about the guest on this podcast:

He was caught cheating in a kayak tournament and has been disavowed by the inshore fishing community of Louisiana.

The below post from the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club explains the issue in further detail.

It is with a mix of both disappointment and anger that we announce that we were notified on Friday morning of a fraudulent entry in our Massey's Fish Pics tournament submitted by angler Josh Reppel. This entry was submitted on the final night of November 30th at 10:30pm.

After being notified by Dave with Massey's, I was sent two photos to review; one from August 2nd, and the other from the previous night (Nov 30th). Both immediately appeared to be identical, and upon further review, it was clear that the end part of the ruler had been digitally altered in the second photo to depict the angler's redfish to be 44.25" as opposed to the 41.25" in the original photo. Further review showed many other discrepancies allowing us to determine it's falsehood without question. This photo, if accepted, would have put the angler in first place, and won him a new Hobie Outback valued at over $2,500.

I immediately convened a small group of officers, past officers, and a third party with experience in the fishing community to discuss the photos and our course of actions. After some deliberation, we are all in agreement that the photo was clearly altered and agreed on the penalties enforced below.

Lastly, upon confronting Mr. Reppel about the photo, he immediately admitted to falsifying the entry and apologized for his actions stating a more formal apology was forthcoming.

Mr. Reppel has been disqualified from the Massey's Fish Pics 2017 tournament for his fraudulent entry. Subsequently, he will also be banned from any future Massey's sponsored tournaments per Dave with Massey's.

As this now puts Mr. Reppel as a member in poor standing, he will also be removed as a member from BCKFC effective immediately. He will also disqualified from the BCKFC Championship as it is our only tournament left this year. Lastly, he will be banned from any and all BCKFC functions, membership, and tournaments for 5 years effective immediately.

Our committee discussed many other alternatives and actions including removal of previous winnings. There is also a revised statute (RS 14:214) which allows for prosecution for "Fishing or hunting contest fraud". All these were considered, but our above resolution will be taken forward.

Cheating in anything is one of the lowest actions anyone can take in an event. In some way, even more so in kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is not an easy sport. What comes easy to many in other fishing tournaments like mobility, gear storage, area to be covered, and the ability to change plans on a dime, the sport of kayak fishing makes these processes so much harder and require planning to be the best. So many anglers work so hard just to be somewhat competitive in our sport. Prizes aside, many are elated just to get to say they won. Cheating will have no place in our tournaments, and while this may be one of the first of this magnitude, and our resolution might be lax in many people's opinion, know that future situations may warrant harsher penalties.

While I am sure this will ignite many emotions, I ask that you keep this post and any others on this public forum civil. It and any others will be heavily monitored and removed w/out question should we find the response in poor taste. It is upsetting enough that this happened, and as a club we would like our integrity to remain intact as much as possible.

Thank you,

Aaron LaRose BCKFC President


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