July 31

E77 – Captain Nick Lapre Boosts his Inshore Education Being a Fishing Guide

This Metairie native chose charter fishing for its challenge. He tells us how fishing under pressure has made him fish smarter.

Inshore Interview Episode 77


Nick Lapre is from Metairie. He grew up inshore fishing, list most Louisiana boys do, but wanted a new challenge. Nick got his captain's license and got into chartering, now he fishes often and kicks butt everyday, putting his clients on fish.

Running charters has made him a better angler in that he can catch fish in new areas under different conditions.

Another aspect of running in an outfit like Southern Exposure is the chance to work with other charter captains, bounce ideas off their chest and learn new things.

Worst Fishing Trip

Happened after he bought his first Blazer Bay. He took it out for a spin by going fishing.

The tide was dropping and he tried to leave before it got too shallow,  but ended up getting stuck anyways.

He got stuck on hard sand in two inches of water. He got to spend the night in his boat. The worst part: he didn't have any food, just a few bottles of water.

The experience was an unforgettable one and taught him to do his homework before rolling out.

Fishing Smarter

In the intro, Captain Nick touched on some ways he "fishes smarter", but in this section of the podcast he really hammers home on it.

As a charter captain, he strives to fish smarter because he is under pressure to catch fish. He must deliver for his customers! This change in his inshore fishing career, becoming a guide, is what really accelerated his learning curve.

He must use all of his resources, expand his angler's network and modify his tackle to become more effective.

Tackling a New Area

Captain Nick would begin by searching for changes in underwater terrain. Ledges, deep holes, or anything with a little contour that could disrupt the current and create an ambush point for hungry speckled trout and redfish.


Inshore Fishing 101

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