August 7

E78 – Sammy Romano from Chag’s Sporting Goods

If you've shopped at Chag's, you know Sammy. This is his story.

Inshore Interviews Episode 78


Sammy grew up with a camp in Lafitte, and can give us a good perspective of what the fishing was like back then. He remembers having to fish around gill nets. While he is glad they are gone (who isn't?) he would say the fishing is still as good as it has ever been.

Sammy loves fishing smarter and calls finding the fish "cracking the code".

He would much rather crack the code than spend days not learning anything!

After all, anyone can reel in a fish, but finding them is a completely different challenge.

Because of this, Sammy likes fishing new areas. For him, the most rewarding thing in inshore fishing is catching fish in a new area.

Worst Fishing Trip

He hates fishing the day after a strong cold front.

That is when his worst fishing trip took place.

The water was cold and dirty, the air cold and windy. Before the trip even began, the boat had problem starting. Then they fished spots after spot and couldn't get a bite. Finally, he concluded the day couldn't get any worse, then his hat blew off his head and sunk in the water.

This was after he said "at least I didn't lose my hat".

Fishing Smarter

He likes to do his homework before hand using Google Earth, not the smartphone app, but the desktop program. I have these linked up below.

Fishing a New Area

He'd start out using Google Earth to locate features that "narrow down fish travel" such as points and cuts.

He knows these features funnel bait and that is where he would find biting fish.


Create Custom GPS Routes

Find Tidelines

Find Eroded Points and Sunken Islands

What Makes Lake Pontchartrain so Hard to Fish


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